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Welcome to Sunset!

We are proud to say we are an all new family owned restaurant, with local employees!

We put emphasis on our comfort food menu options, and are excited to offer Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Our Overstuffed Deli Sandwiches or one of our Juicy Signature Bacon Burgers will satisfy even the largest appetites. Of course, you cannot forget our amazing Pizza derived from the secret Kazonis family recipe! We have just about everything including Pizza Rings, Calzones, Grinders !  Breakfast all day ! 

In order to keep up with today’s demands we are especially happy to offer GLUTEN FREE options for many of our menu items including our delicious salads and amazing soups.   We strive to support sustainable food sources and are happy to say that we are serving a variety of local foods, from local small businesses and farms.

Our goal is providing a comfortable environment suitable for all age groups including families, college students, and local working people.  Enjoy your stay with our attentive friendly dining staff or order online for an efficient and satisfying take out option to the parking dilemmas uptown.  We feel all guest will leave happy with their experience. 

Welcome again, and thank you for supporting our Sunset Family!


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