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Comfort Foods

 We put emphasis on our comfort food menu options, and are excited to offer Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Our Overstuffed Deli Sandwiches or one of our Juicy Signature Bacon Burgers will satisfy even the largest appetites. Of course, you cannot forget our amazing Pizza derived from the secret Kazonis family recipe!

  • Proud to be Gluten Free

      • Our menu offers a wide variety of options to satisfy all palates & broaden the horizons of those with dietary restrictions. More than half of the menu items can be prepared Gluten Free from classic comfort food such as hot soup & old fashioned overstuffed deli sandwiches to creative twists such as specialty pizzas and gourmet grilled cheese. --> 

      • Please keep in mind our space is available for private parties during hours we are not open !  Call for details 

Restaurant Hours --  


Monday - Wednesday  4 pm til  1 am 

Thursday 4 pm til 1 am  Delivery til 2 

Friday 4 pm to  3 am 



Very excited to be open late for the winter & spring!!! 



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FREE Delivery to Sunderland, Hadley Amherst,  Pelham (limited) , and the Amherst  side of Leverett, Shutesbury, and Belchertown !!

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